Blue Man Group New York – A MUST See for ‘Kids’ of All Ages

Blue Man Group New York – A MUST See for ‘Kids’ of All Ages

"blue man group 25th anniversary"


Blue Man Group celebrates 25 years

Blue Man Group is celebrating their 25 year anniversary! What began as a dream between three friends, who started out on the streets of New York City, has grown into a worldwide sensation with ongoing theatre productions in Las Vegas, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, New York City and Berlin, along with a North/South American Tour.

While I have heard of the Blue Man Group (because seriously, who hasn’t heard of them), I never had a complete and full understanding of what The Blue Man Group was? Was it a play? A musical? A concert? A comedy show? Is it possible to be all of them? (The answer is yes.)

The blue-skinned trio, who don’t speak a word throughout their performance, use music, the audience and tubes of PVC to perform and engage the audience. The show is not only visual, but the live rock band accompanying the Blue Men Group, make it musical, as well. The show is comedy, theater, rock concert, and dance party combined, delivering a memorable multi-sensory experience.

"blue man group 25th anniversary"

Engaging the audience, as part of the show, adds humor. From the time the audience is allowed into the Astor Theatre, there is an electronic sign detailing who is in the audience. We happened to have an Olympic Swimmer, a woman celebrating her birthday and a man who likes to sleep in the audience.

Blue Man Group combines music, technology and comedy to create a form of entertainment like no other, appealing to people of all ages. I attended the show with friends and my son and the adults laughed as much (if not more) than the children.

The Blue Man Group shows have been described by critics as “innovative”, “energetic”, and “wildly entertaining” and there is good reason for that – it’s true. The show is like nothing you have seen before and is indescribable. The only way you can possibly understand what the buzz is about and why people have been talking about it for 25 years is to see the show! For additional information and tickets, go to The Blue Man Group website.


Disclosure: I was provided discounted tickets to the show, but all opinions are my own. In my opinion, you need to run….don’t walk to get tickets to the Blue Man Group!

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