Carnival Cruise to Bermuda Review – Should you go with family, friends or not at all?

Carnival Cruise to Bermuda Review - Should you go with family or friends or not at all?


Carnival Cruise to Bermuda Review – Should you book your trip or stay clear of Carnival Cruise line?

I have been on several cruises, with my most recent cruise taken on the Norwegian Cruise Line out of New York traveling to Bermuda. It was a 7 day cruise taken with my family in April 2016. Having recently been on a cruise, I couldn’t help but compare my recent trip on the Carnival Cruise, a 5 day trip to Bermuda that I took with my friends from High School to celebrate our big 5-0. 

Let’s start with the common questions:

How was the food? Overall, the food was okay. Breakfast was good. It’s hard to ruin a danish, cereal or a waffle. The omelets were delicious. Fresh and hot. Lunch was okay – with the deli sandwiches being delicious, as well as the burritos and hamburgers. Dinner was pretty bad, with the serving sizes being very small. Since you could order as many dishes as you would like, it really didn’t matter about the serving size. We sat in the dining room every night for dinner. The food was luke warm, at best, although the chocolate molten cake was always very hot and delicious.

How was the service? The service was okay. Since Carnival doesn’t have enough staff to serve the food, it is impossible to have fantastic service, as far as dining goes. Following an eight hour day in Bermuda, the cruise line should have known everyone would be hungry and should have provided additional staff or opened another station to serve the food in the main buffet area. Instead we were met with a line of a minimum of 1/2 an hour. While it was worse during “prime” time hours, the usual wait was at least 10 minutes. 

Outside of food, we did request service in our room, since the air conditioner wasn’t working properly. I called once and was able to get through, but was unable the second time. My roommate asked our steward, who we met on the second to last day of the cruise, to please have the a/c fixed and he phoned the maintenance area. Unfortunately, they never came. 

Sadly, we were given a very strong impression that service is not a top priority for Carnival. On the last day, before getting off the ship, we went to the main dining area for breakfast. A rude waiter, pointed out they were closing the galley and we needed to make it quick. This was after we had to beg to be seated and were told if our friends didn’t arrive within five minutes, they would not be served.

As an aside, with the idea that “first impressions are key,” Carnival needs to update the napkins that are provided by the food areas outside the pool (the Blue Iguana and Guy’s Burgers). I seriously have rags that are less worn and less dirty than what they provide their guests.

"Carnival Sunshine Napkin"

How were the rooms? The rooms were your typical cruise rooms. Small.  Since we were celebrating our birthdays, we went all out and got the spa rooms. There was mold on the shower ceilings, something you wouldn’t expect to see.

How was the entertainment? The band, The Broken Taillights was amazing.  There were also parties every night at the different venues, with the 70’s music party being a big crowd pleaser.

The real cost of cruising

Let’s talk drink packages. Since we were celebrating our birthdays, a number of people wanted the Cheers drink package. I would not have gotten the package but unfortunately, if one person in your room gets the drink package, the entire room is automatically charged. I was automatically charged $172 – which is quite pricey, considering I barely drink. 

For a room of drinkers the Cheers package is definitely worth it. Since each drink costs $8 – $10 and you can get all the soda, speciality coffee and bottled water you want, it would make it worth it.

Overall, I would not suggest taking the family on this particular cruise. Carnival is known for a “good time.” With an alcohol drink package, costing $50 day, a good time is highly encouraged.   On the Norwegian Cruise line the drink package is close to $100 per day. Unless you are a real drinker and enjoy partying, most people are not purchasing the drink page on the Norwegian cruises.

If you are interested in traveling with friends and are looking for convenience and live in NY and don’t want to fly, I would suggest Carnival Cruise Line. Otherwise, for a higher end cruise, I would suggest a different cruise line.

When heading out of the country remember to bring your passport – expediting your passport can be a challenge.



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