Snapchat – 6 Concerns for Parents

Snapchat - 6 concerns parents

"snapchat - six things parents need to be concerned about"

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps used by your child. The app is fun – allowing your kids to put a flowered tiara on, breath fire, wear make up like Cleopatra and even see how fast you are driving. It sounds pretty harmless and fun – right? …

Snapchat Speed Filter is Deadly

Snapchat Speed Filter is Deadly

"snapchat speed filter is deadly"

The Social Media app Snapchat has come under fire by parents for assisting with the distribution of pornographic photos. Thanks to Snapchat and the “Speed Filter,” parents everywhere have an additional worry. When used when driving, the app is dangerous and can even be deadly.

Parents of teens everywhere have frequently expressed concern over the …

4 Reasons to Read Your Child’s Texts

4 Reasons to Read Your Child’s Texts

"read your child's text messages - yes or no"

In today’s world, navigating your children’s social media activity can be a challenge. One of the topics that comes up frequently is whether you should be monitoring your child’s texts? By reading your child’s texts does this make you a stalker? A helicopter mom?

When your child is first navigating that brand new iPhone …