College Move In Day – 4 Things Parents Really Need to Bring

College Move In Day - 4 Things Parents Really Need to Bring

College Move in Day

The day has finally arrived – your prince/princess is finally flying the coop and going off to college. The dreaded college move in day is here! All the studying and all the planning for the future has finally arrived.  You have shopped for everything you can possibly think of from bedding to shampoo to organizers and computers – what else could you possibly need?  

"college dorm room"

Don’t let this dorm room fool you – it’s neat and roomy.

College Orientation for Parents

While some of you are from the “I cannot wait for them to GTFO (get the f- out)”, there are others who will be shedding real tears and wondering how they will possibly be able to survive one minute without their baby (that’s a whole other post). Either way we are here to help you with reminding you to bring some essential things you will need on move in day – that CANNOT be bought.


The famous saying “Patience is a Virtue” has never been more true than college move in day. Mom, dad, little brother or sister are packed and ready to drop the little angel off to college. To their new home. Their new life. While you would love to think it is going to be as easy as unpacking for a vacation – unfortunately that is not the case. There are roommates involved, other parents and other siblings. Just fitting 12 people into an 8 x 10 room is going to be a challenge. After all, the control freak in us needs to be there to make sure everything is perfect for the royal child. Patience will be needed during this process. Besides carrying all the crap stuff you are sending with your child, you will be dealing with your child’s emotions which will be ranging from pure elation because they are finally free of all your rules, to sheer terror because they are finally free of all of your rules. Buckle up parents – this has the potential to be worse than puberty.


Understanding goes hand in hand with patience. There is a good chance besides being super excited, your child is terrified. They’ve been looking forward to college for what feels like forever and now that it has arrived – it is scary. Really scary. Will they adjust okay? Make friends right away? Fit in? How are they going to study all the material? Is it as hard as people say? Thousands of thoughts are going through their mind – at one time. So try and bring your Understanding self with you – no matter how hard it may be and how much some of you will be wishing to just drop and run like Forest Gump.


You love this child. You love this child. You love this child. Just keep saying it over and over and remembering it. After driving for hours to drop off the Prince or Princess, you are going to be tired and hungry and now you have to actually do stuff – hard stuff. Like carry heavy boxes and find a place for all that crap you insisted they needed. Just remember you are doing all this because you want your child to be successful and have an amazing future ahead of them and of course – you love them.


In between all of the highs, the lows and the anxiety – remember to bring your sense of humor. Laughter will be needed because things will happen. It is inevitable something will go wrong – because that’s just life. Try and laugh it off because ultimately, everything is going to be okay.

Remember Patience-Understanding-Love and Laughter (PULL) will help you get through move in day with your son or daughter. As much as we all have mixed feelings with moments between wanting them to GTFO and visions of hanging on your child’s leg so they can’t leave you – we will miss our children and sending them off to college is one of those moments you dread and cherish and will always remember. Good luck!


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