How To Dress Cool In Hot Weather

How To Dress Cool In Hot Weather

'Summer Fashion'Summer heat can really put a damper on your wardrobe. When it’s pushing 90 degrees outside, forget about the cute jacket, and any hopes of layering. 

The best way to beat the heat while still looking stylish is by choosing appropriate fabrics and styles.

Clothing with maximum breathability is what you want to wear this time of year- and with just a few tweaks those same pieces can transition seamlessly into fall and winter.

Footwear is just as important too. Open-toed styles like sandals and flip flops are the perfect go-to in hot weather. See this list of styles that are perfectly on trend for summer. (Warning: If ‘ugly sandals’ aren’t your thing, you might want to refrain from checking that post out.)

1. Maxi Dresses

'Summer Dress'Great for casual every day wear or fancier occasions. Maxi dresses are a nice choice to wear to work and/or school. They’re also quite comfy on days where you don’t feel like getting dressed or when it’s so hot you can’t be bothered to put on pants.

2. Skirts

'Summer Skirt'You can never go wrong with a great skirt. When paired with the right shoe a skirt can be worn throughout all seasons. Skirts and skirts alike, are perfect for warm weather because they’re breathable and non-restricting. 

3. Linens

'Summer Shirt'The breathability of linen fabric alone is enough to sell itself in summer weather. Shorts, pants, shirts- anything you can find in this texture will make hot days more bearable. Stock up now! Linen also does well at the beach because it dries fairly quickly due to it’s light nature. 

4. Sheer Blouses

'Summer Blouse'Sheer fashion is having a big moment right now, and rightfully so since the fabric is another great option in warm weather. It’s one of the easiest fabrics to style as it can be worn both day and night- just be careful not to get the delicate material snagged or all bets are off when it comes to wearing it in the future. 

5. Tanks/Crop Tops

'Summer crop'A sleeveless top is ideal for summer but can be a great piece to have year round, as it’s so simple to layer over. If you’re contemplating on how to wear a crop top, check out this post on different ways to style one. 


What’s your favorite thing to wear in the summer? What tips do you have on dressing cool in hot weather?

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