Glitter, Glitter Everywhere- Even In Your Body Hair?

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere- Even In Your Body Hair?

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Glitter is fun and festive and really just a big mess when it comes to clean up. But now, people are using glitter as a fashion statement…and it is not what you would think. I love a good glitter eye shadow (I have my Too Faced Smurfette glitter shadow and am obsessed) but should there be limits as to where we put glitter? YES! It started with glittered roots; glitter was being used for an ombre look as it was rubbed into the roots of ones hair and quite frankly, looked like sparkly dandruff. It was okay though because it did look fun and I remember spraying glitter in my hair growing up but then, it was taken the extra mile. When No Shave November continued to roll on, Glitter and Glow December followed. Yes, men are dipping their beards and mustaches into glitter much like one would dip an ice cream cone into sprinkles. This is a look that I would only suggest if your beard is well-kept, a holiday and you plan on shaving that thing off the next day. Beard hair clogging up the drain is bad enough but glitter beard hair? Does that make it any better? Women/men…what do you think about decorating a beard with sparkles? I am on the fence truly.


Then, there is the latest craze: armpit bedazzling and glittering. It started with celebs growing out their armpit hair only to color it crazy colors, like Miley Cyrus when she dyed her pits pink. That is so last week as we have seen now that the hot trend is letting your armpit hair grow (male or female) and then covering it with glitter and adding jewels down your side. Does this make having body hair more acceptable or is this just a clever way to make armpit hair on women totally cool? I believe that everyone is entitled to do what makes them happy, even if it means putting glitter in their crotches (that’s where we are headed next, let’s be real). Jennifer Love Hewitt was super open several years ago about vajazzling but is this just taking the love of hair and glitter just a tad too far? Let us know in the comments! I seriously want to know what everyone thinks and mind you, I am a Gen X-er so this would be something I may have considered doing five to ten years ago myself!

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