Homemade Makeup Setting Spray

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray

'makeup setting spray'Makeup setting spray is a product that is near and dear to any beauty lover’s heart. Without that insurance, good luck getting me to walk outside in this heat wave that Southern California’s been having recently!

Thankfully I’ve discovered a recipe to make this holy grail product at home rather than buying it at the store, which has been my routine ever since I discovered it. Taking into account the fact that these sprays cost upwards of $20 a bottle, I’m actually saving myself a ton of money by making it myself.

It’s also good to note that I’ve found the homemade version to work equally as well, if not a little better than my usual MAC Fix+ Spray.

If you’re interested in learning how to make it yourself, keep reading.

What You’ll Need

Spray Bottle (travel size works best for the nozzle- you won’t be needing one with a handle)
Glycerin (available at drugstores, check the first aid aisle or with the pharmacy)
Rubbing Alcohol or Witch Hazel (a milder astringent)

The Recipe

Mix 1 part glycerin to remaining parts water inside the spray bottle. Add 2 splashes of rubbing alcohol or witch hazel to thin the mixture and shake. Once all the ingredients have combined the spray is ready to use.

Because glycerin is a lubricant that is used in several pharmaceutical and personal products, it has a tendency to be on the more oily side. Because of this, the setting spray won’t absorb into the skin all that quickly, but by adding an astringent it will dilute the thickness of the glycerin- which in turn speeds up the spray’s drying time.

How To Use

Once you’ve applied your makeup, spray a few pumps of the solution either onto a makeup brush and dab onto the face, or spray directly onto the face with your eyes closed and allow to dry for at least a minute.

If you already use the product then you’re familiar with the results but if not, what this setting spray does is locks your makeup in for a good portion of the day (at least 8 hours). It fights against running, smudging, smearing or any other makeup mishap you can think of.

Makeup setting sprays are especially great for summer months when the heat gets to be unbearable, but also works just as well to protect your makeup any time of year.

I’d recommend trying out the recipe if you’re in the market for a product with staying power, but aren’t looking to break the bank. That $20 adds up, believe me! You can also find more affordable alternatives to the MAC setting spray that I mentioned at places like the drugstore or even Target.

Good Luck experimenting!

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