How To Treat and Prevent Hangnails

How To Treat and Prevent Hangnails

How To Treat and Prevent Hangnails

'preventing hangnails'I’m constantly washing my hands at work. In between that, the cold weather, and few bad habits I seem to have developed quite a bit of hangnails over the recent weeks. 

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced these, but hangnails are annoying, painful, and always seem to take forever to heal.

Often time they are the result of picking or biting the cuticle area as well as the nail itself. What you’re often left with are short, dry pieces of skin that tend to be near the sides of the nail if not above the cuticles. They’re painful if not treated properly or injured further by more picking and/or biting. 

Cold weather certainly doesn’t help them either. Because it’s winter and part of the reason I have so many of them (unfortunately), I went on a quest to find out just how I could treat the delicate areas and also how to prevent them from happening in the future.

Here’s what I discovered:

Always Moisturize After Washing Hands

Whenever you wash your hands always remember to moisturize them. Especially in the winter. Dry skin can easily crack and become a more serious condition if not taken care of properly. If you’ve already got a hangnail(s) try focusing the moisturizer on the specific area to thoroughly hydrate it. 

Invest in Cuticle Oil

In addition to lotions and creams you can also use a cuticle oil just before bed as a deep treatment. After moisturizing hands apply a cuticle oil and let it penetrate the area while you sleep. Doing this regularly will help the hangnail to disappear at a quicker rate. 

One of my absolute favorite products is the Nicole by OPI Oil to Go for Cuticles, cuticle oil. It smells wonderful, goes on easy, is very affordable, and actually works. I highly recommend it. 

Do Not Pick or Bite Cuticles/Nails

Old habits die hard, I’m sure- but if you really want to treat the hangnail you have to let it heal and not injure it further. Picking your cuticles rather than pushing them back is one of the worst things you can do to them. When you pick your cuticles or nails rather than cutting them, you’re more susceptible to getting hangnails. The best way to prevent this is to not do it in the first place. 

Always Use Proper Nail Tools

This tip isn’t so much for hangnails but for overall nail health. For sanitary reasons it’s best to use actual tools when caring for your nails as opposed to say, your teeth. When you do this, it ensures that proper care is being applied, which is what you should always aim for when doing anything skin related. 


Good luck to those of you experiencing hangnails. Hopefully you’ll try out some of these tips and will come back to tell us if they worked or not. 

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