iPhone Tracks Your Locations and Google Keeps a Record of It – Instructions to Make it Private

iPhone Tracks Your Locations and Google Keeps a Record of It – Instructions to Make it Private

Did you know that your iPhone has a record of every place you go? Every. Single. Place. This wouldn’t be a bad thing, if you the user, actually opted in and wanted to have your every move tracked.

Your every move is kept on record allowing Google to know exactly where you have been, the dates you have been there, the times you have been there and of course, how often you have been there. Yikes. This is scary stuff. Claiming this information is useful and by knowing the frequency of your visits, Google can now send you better advertisements. Because we are all eager to receive advertisements, especially the “proper” advertisements geared towards us (that is sarcasm friends.)

Shouldn’t the tracking of where we are and how often we go there be our choice? Isn’t this something we should have been informed of before we activated our phones? This should be something that is set to private with the option to turn it on. NOT have you stumble around to try and turn it off.

Thankfully, there is something you can do about this and we are here to help.

Steps to remove this terrible invasion of your privacy:

Go into your settings


Click on General (see photo above)


Scroll to “privacy” and Click on it (see photo below)



“Location Services” is on Top – Click on It (See photo below)


Scroll all the way down to “System services” on the bottom of the page and Click (see photos below)




Scroll to ” Frequent locations” on the bottom of the screen and Click on the button (See Photo Below)


Click on Frequent Locations Above and turn it off by pressing on the green button, making it change to white.  BEFORE you do that make sure you Clear History – It’s on the bottom of the page.  If you are doing it correctly, a clear history button or cancel option will show up. Be sure to press on Clear History.

This is a great service to have –  IF you have trust issues or are in a competition to see who frequented your favorite restaurant or bar more often (and then you can always become the Mayor over at Four Square). If you are in a relationship and don’t believe your significant others whereabouts – this is great! But for the average person, this is way too much information and an invasion of your privacy.

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