Life is Like a Baseball Game – Striking Out is Not an Option

Life is Like a Baseball Game - Striking Out is Not an Option

'life is like a baseball game'

Life is like a baseball game. 

I read this amazing life to baseball analogy on a friend’s wall on Facebook and something clicked. Having a 13-year-old son made it even more relatable.

Baseball and Life. The common denominator is real. Let’s all pretend that our life bases will be loaded and that in 2018, we each get to swing as many times as we like!

Whatever curve balls that life throws at me, I vow to always make an earnest attempt to stand up, walk straight, and start swinging. I will always give life my very best swing. it’s only in a baseball game where three strikes mean you’re out. See, out here in real life, you get to swing as many times as you have motion. Words such as penalties, fouls, even when they are deemed vagrant; it’s just man made terminology that is often used when winning a game can cost you something. 

It’s a New Year and no one is really keeping score. You can foul out, fall down, steal bases, miss catches; all while playing with your eyes closed, and still win. 

Life is like a baseball game. Innings are really calculated as years. A dugout is a safe place that some of us may call home. Gameday is every day that we rise. A loss is simply a minor setback that will remind each of us that we are all valuable players. 

Comparing life to a baseball game simplifies the lesson we try and teach our children – never give up. You may strike out, but you will get another chance, as long as the inning isn’t over. If you do strike out, keep trying. If you hit a foul ball, try again until you get on base. Never. Give. Up. 

Life may throw you a curve ball, but you need to take that swing. You need to keep going and continue trying. There is no giving up or throwing in the towel. Giving up is not an option. Try a different swing so you can hit that curve ball. You can do this. 

How do you plan on playing the game in 2018? 

This post was inspired by a friend, who is extremely motivational. Check out her other revelations at



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