Love, Simon – 6 Reasons Why Parents and Teenagers Need to See This Movie

Love, Simon - 6 Reasons Why Parents and Teenagers Need to See This Movie

Love, Simon is a must-see movie. For teenagers and parents everywhere, I recommend strongly you go to the theater asap and watch the movie. Times have really, really changed over the past 30 years. The introduction of social media has changed the world and our children’s lives – and not necessarily for the better. For the parents, Love, Simon will help you understand what it is like to be a teenager in today’s day and age and for the teenagers, you will realize you are not alone. You are never alone.

Why you need to see Love, Simon:

For parents:

  • Wondering what your child goes through on a daily basis (less the school work), Love, Simon shows you what our children go through on a daily basis. We see the high levels of anxiety that come with being a teen and what it is like when you just want to fit in and be accepted.
  • Jennifer Garner, plays Simon’s mother and Josh Duhamel plays his father. They were the perfect example of how a parent should react when their child tells them he/she is gay. The pass the sugar reaction isn’t easy for everyone – especially the macho father, who has made multiple gay jokes without even realizing what he is saying.
  • Acceptance – this movie is all about acceptance. Hearing the teens in the movie theater when Simon gets the guy was amazing. They were rooting for Simon. 
  • There is the usual lesson about honesty within a friendship and how important it is, to be honest with your friends – at any cost.

For teenagers:

  • You are not alone. If you ever thought for a second that no one understands you, Love, Simon is a great movie that shows you are not alone.
  • Teenagers who are gay and afraid to come out. See. The. Movie. Today’s generation is so amazingly accepting. 

Simon is played by 22-year-old Nick Robinson. Keep an eye out for him – he is someone to keep an eye out for.




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