My Husband Has a Mistress

My Husband Has a Mistress

My Husband has a Mistress

Like so many Hollywood men we read about, my husband has a mistress. It’s the elephant in the room. I know about her. He knows I know about her – but we try to avoid any type of conversation that may result in the mention of her, at all costs. 

My husband’s mistress is his true love. They have been together for close to a year now. His eyes light up when he sees her.  He shops for himself a lot more since he and she got together and he shops for her too.  While I get jealous at times – because who doesn’t want to be looked at with adoration and what woman doesn’t want to be thought about all the time by her man, I try to keep my feelings to myself. We’ve been together for 20 years – he works hard to support his family. He should be happy.

Initially when my husband and his mistress got together there was a bit of a strain on our relationship. Coming 2nd to anyone is never easy. He tried to hide his relationship with her at first – sneaking out when the family was busy getting ready for the day. Disappearing for hours on end. Not coming home when he said he would be home. Coming home late from work. All the signs in a marriage that something is amiss. Rather than freak out, I chose to wait it out, thinking he would get bored eventually. After all, it was a novelty. It was new. It was the forbidden fruit. It was his mid-life crisis – he was just trying to hold on to his youth. 

Keep reading to see a photo of my husband’s mistress.

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