Ricardo Elite Luggage Roxbury 2.0 – Will Keep You Organized

Ricardo Elite Luggage Roxbury 2.0 – Will Keep You Organized

When purchasing luggage, I never gave it much thought. My criteria for my luggage purchase was ‘would it last?, ‘Was it durable?’ and of course, ‘Would it fit all my clothes and travel necessities?’

'ricardo elite roxbury 2.0'

And then I received the Ricardo Elite Luggage to review. Since I travel frequently, the luggage was going to have to be durable, easy to use and move quickly (picture someone running through the airport). I never thought I would have such strong feelings about a piece of luggage. After all, you throw your clothes into the luggage, close the bag and you are on your way. The Ricardo elite luggage has changed my opinion on what to look for in a piece of luggage.

How did Ricard Elite Luggage change my opinion on luggage? As someone who has a tendency to be a bit unorganized (if you ask my husband he would say VERY unorganized), this luggage was a life saver. For the first time in my packing history, I knew where my clothes, accessories, makeup and shoes were – without having to empty my luggage. There was a place for everything. EVERYTHING! With zipper compartments making it easy to store your items, remembering where everything was – was super easy. That was just the beginning. There was also four wheels on the luggage, making it incredibly easy to navigate through the airport. Dragging your luggage behind you was no longer necessary – with the four wheels spinner system – I was able to push the luggage and keep an eye on it at all times.  Another feature I loved with the easy lock on the luggage, there was no key for me to lose. And it was TSA compliant. 

Ricardo Elite Roxbury 2.0 Product Features

  • Corner armor provides added protection at critical stress points
  • Dual spinner wheel system allows for 360° mobility whether you push, pull or walk alongside the case
  • Suitcase expands with the pull of a zipper for added packing capacity
  • Retractable Add-a-Bag strap allows you to attach a second bag for easier transport
  • Built in TSA compliant combination lock safeguards your belongings
  • “Split book” style opening offers two separate compartments for maximized organization

I am a huge fan of Ricardo Elite Luggage and would highly recommend it for your next trip.

Right now there is a 65 percent off offer and free shipping on orders over $99.  Use the exclusive coupon code: TMOM65Off and check out the Ricardo luggage here. The coupon code is good until May 31, 2015.

While the luggage was provided for review, all opinions are my own.

Check out the video below with the features first hand.

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