Trollbeads for Mother’s Day

Trollbeads for Mother’s Day

I have been shopping for the perfect gift for my mother for Mother’s Day when I happened upon Trollbeads a unique and personal piece of jewelry that I could create for her. Trollbeads is a unique piece of jewelry that expresses your own creativity and story.


With Trollbeads you can mix and match, be creative, and add a magic touch. You can glance down on the beads and know all they symbolize. When you create your personal bracelet, you become the designer – every story has a bead. Or every bead has a story. This is the perfect gift for my mom. I created a bracelet that was easy to create. You can choose the beads by material, color, theme, designer or price. Creating the bracelet was fun and easy. My own personal favorite are the colored beads. I chose a blue theme since some of my favorite memories with my mom are the times we have spent at the beach.

The Trollbead website has some amazing ideas for Mother’s Day. There is a Mother’s Rose Bracelet with a beautiful rose bead next to a heart bead or the My Baby Boy or Girl Bracelet which represents your children or even a ring. My personal favorite is the never ending bond bracelet.

The website even has an app to help you find the perfect bracelet for you, her or him. You can create a personal bracelet for yourself or someone special by answering fun and enlightening questions. Based on your answers a truly unique and personal bracelet is created. There you have it – the perfect gift. The questions begin by asking you to choose your favorite color scheme, followed by an environment you feel connected to, then the question ‘where do you restore you energies?’ with a number of choices and finally, ‘your favorite moment at the beach,’ with choices. The questions are simple and take seconds to respond. My bracelet came out with fun, bright colors. And it is truly one of a kind.

This is a sponsored post – all opinions are my own.

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